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A dusty evening on Mars. I love that we live at a time where we can just see photos from the surface of another planet as clearly as if we took them ourselves.

Credit for this one: NASA/JPL-Caltech/S Atkinson

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I have received official training in an increasing number of obsolete technological processes.

How to send a telex
How to use a rotating disposable four bulb flash
How to understand all the numbers on a film camera
How to use a typewriter (hit it much harder)
How to edit film with a razor and tape.
How to develop photos in a darkroom (v vinegar smelling)
How to war using a fax.
How to make a page layout using tables and html
How to get better search results from AltaVista

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Today I went to visit the Ronnie Drew crane at the docks.

Sorry but I have started muting people that post links to stuff on the bird site. Why would I go back to read anything on that dive of a place.

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Folks have mentioned that Twitter is an extremely important space for sharing #protest news across the world and as a result we should keep preserving it despite the takeover.

I get it, I am #Iranian, I have relied heavily on twitter for news sharing re protests in #Iran over the years.

But what you are missing is that those same activists and protesters are MOST vulnerable to the new Twitter regime. Misinformation campaigns will be easy, and #Putin/#China/Islamic republic will use it.

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Realize now, these are the golden years of #Mastodon that we will look back on fondly. Big enough to not be a ghost town, but small and early enough to have not yet turned into bloated garbage.

So don't wait to look fondly in the future. Be in the present now.

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I've been exploring Otherweb (otherweb.com/), a fascinating project from Alex Fink, a serial tech entrepreneur, who got frustrated with clickbait and other "junk news". His project sorts existing news feeds, allowing you to read news that's not misrepresenting itself. In the process, he and his team are also building a search engine that steers you away from ad-laden and affiliate sites. No business model - he's working to get people using it first, then considering how to monetize it. I interviewed him last week for Reimagining the Internet and will share the episode when it comes out.

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Look at the nightstand picture Elon posted, it's a clear sign that in case of an emergency you should take the libertarian approach, get an ATGM and shut down the servers by yourself.

I don't feel comfortable at Twitter any longer. It never was like a Café in Vienna, it was more like a Starbucks, still clean and healthy, but not as comfy and welcoming. Now it's like one of these diners at the border of the desert in horror movies. Looking less clean, in hidden corners you can spot blood stains, there's the stench of urine and feces from the backyard and the staff is smoking

And there is this sense of decay and rotting corpses underneath, a sense of dread and looming danger. And some accounts like TFG's are zombies. Undead.

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You can view and download the new ICCL / Irish Refugee Council
Know Your Rights Guide for International Protection Applicants at www.iccl.ie/your-rights

Please share widely
#asylumseekers #InternationalProtection #ireland #DirectProvision

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It's #BandcampFriday next Friday. Support your favourite indie acts!
#IrishMusic #IrishsMusicians
Nice to get a friendly reminder! :)

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[I'm not shouting. Well, I guess I'm shouting...]

All servers interact with each other behind the scenes. The only noticeable difference is that people have different servers at the end of their account addresses.

Mashable: All of your burning Mastodon questions, answered: The server thing isn't as complicated as it seems. >>> mashable.com/article/mastodon-

#twittermigration #matodontips #feditips #NewUser #servers

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New to Mastodon? Here's a great tip!

Once you get your profile setup, then make an #introduction post and introduce yourself to the #fediverse and to other users.

Tell us who you are, where you're from, what you do in life each day and most of all, provide a list of #hashtags of subjects you're interested in and that you will be posting about.

Make your post capture us and want to interact with you going forward.

#FediTips #MastodonTips #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration

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#Mastodon #TwitterMigration #Newbies
Just a note that some of the trash are coming here too. Use the block and report them if necessary. Let's keep this place nice and take out the garbage as we see it.

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@thor I've set up mine 1month ago (single user) and I'm already at 180GB.

Think I'll soon migrate storage and mastodon itself to my home server where i have like 15TB available :D

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